Welcome to the about me page.  Presently, I am a graduate student at the mathematics department at the University of Pittsburgh.  My work presently focuses on models of the PreBotzinger Complex proposedly involved in generating (or helping to generate) respiratory rhythms. I'm working under the advisory of Dr. Jonathan Rubin.  
I did my undergraduate work at Penn State University, where I earned 2 degrees, a B.S. in Mathematics (Graduate Studies option), and a B.S. in Computer Science.  Not all of my work was done at State College.  I started at a satellite campus, PSU New Kensington, where I studied for 2 years prior to finishing at PSU University Park (State College).  

Almost all of my work now is done in mathematics, although I get the opportunity to program every once in a while.  The two studies I miss most in Computer Science are Operating System theory, and Artificial Intelligence.  

Outside of studying mathematics, one of the most valuable experiences of my life was when I studied abroad to Japan.  I can, and will, talk your ear off about the trip, given the opportunity.  Beware!

When I’m not studying mathematics, I play deck hockey (it’s like roller hockey, but without skates of any sort, and we play with a ball), for the Hammerheads in Penn Hills.  

I am utterly addicted to the television show “Lost.”  

I have no feeling in my right knee, due to a childhood accident.  

Is there anything better than green tea? I wonder.. 

I firmly believe that every student pursuing a college degree should have to take a speech comm. course, and possibly a an intro to proofs/logic course.  

My favorite books include: The Count of Monte Cristo, Pillars of the Earth, Shogun, Lord of the Rings.

I listen to a lot of different music, mostly trance and classical and metal.  I’m interested in music from all over the world.