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Update!!   After many years  of inactivity, I finally got around to fixing this up!  It is now set to save your town.  All you need to do to recover your town is type the name EXACTLY as you did when you made it, as well as use the same racial percentages.  (If for some reason you feel the urge to re-roll a town, you will have to change the name slightly, say by adding a number to the end).  So if you suspect you will want to reuse a town, I suggest you jot down the name and percentages somewhere.  Enjoy!

Welcome to Justin Dunmyre's Town Generator! This handy utility will spit out a detailed town, based on the specifications you provide below. Please email questions/comments to me at, just remove all the .s but the last one!

You need not provide input for races representing less than 1% of the Demographic.
Children is the % chance for any couple to have children (and if they have a child, it's the % chance to have another!). It is typically higher for Humans, and lower for Elves. The DMG recommends between 10% and 40%.
One more note before you can go nuts and have fun with this: In an effort to tax the server less, and indeed expedite the town creation process, small cities, large cities, and metropolises have a mere 10% of their commoner population represented in the database. Unless you really want to see the several thousand first level commoners in the commoner list, this will have no effect on the output of the program. Now, enjoy yourself! - Justin
Dwarf %
Elf %
Gnome %
Halfelf %
Halfling %
Halforc %
Human %
Children %

----All the fields except for Children must add up to 100%.
Average Run Times:
Thorp - 1 Second
Hamlet - 1 Second
Village - 2 Seconds
Small Town - 8 Seconds
Large Town - 18 Seconds
Small City - 30 Seconds
Large City - 1 minute
Metropolis - 2 minutes


The DMG recommends:

Isolated Community:
Dwarf < 1%
Elf 1%
Gnome < 1%
Halfelf < 1%
Halfling 2%
Halforc < 1%
Human 96%
Mixed Community:
Dwarf 3%
Elf 5%
Gnome 2%
Halfelf < 1%
Halfling 9%
Halforc 1%
Human 79%
Integrated Community:
Dwarf 10%
Elf 18%
Gnome 7%
Halfelf 5%
Halfling 20%
Halforc 3%
Human 37%