So many people to thank! I almost don't know where to start!

First off, a promise is a promise, so at the top of this list o' thanks goes the amazing creator of the Everchanging Book of Names who generously allowed me to use the names created by his program as a foundation for naming the NPCs created in this program. Thanks Sami Pyörre! The link is here: .

Next up, is Birched for working with me to tie his NPC generator into my town generator. This was very exciting for me, to be able to see my NPCs really come to life with stats (and this way, I don't have to roll the stats myself!).

Then we have Mike. Mike, the oh-so-generous friend who put up with me hammering his domain with the old (ultra-inefficient) version of this program. Not to mention, he provided significant help with my learning PHP and mySQL. Mike, you rock mang!

Speaking of PHP and mySQL: and were infinately helpful in the creation of this program. Indeed, without them the program could not exist!

Of course, I can't forget my awesome friends Jer, Kev, Adam, and Dave who put up with questions and rambling at ungodly hours of the morning so I could forge this program into what it is today! Thanks guys, you rock!

And a final, significant thank you goes to the host of my website, these guys were really on the ball with allowing me to maximize my use of mySQL (having tech-support emails answered within an hour, but not just answered, they did what I asked, and more! Amazing!)